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  • from: Laura Smith, Owner All Star Cleaning Services

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    Cleaning company owners or start-up entrepreneurs who are ready to learn the strategies, software, and principles behind a million dollar marketing campaign for cleaning services.

Hi There!

I’m Laura Smith! That’s my picture up there…

Back when I was 24 years old (that’s almost a decade ago now), I started All Star Cleaning Services in Fort Collins, Colorado. Like many companies, it was just me at first. Eventually (and you may have experienced this too), my small business that made a little money expanded into a massive management headache.

As my business grew, I added employees, more clients, an actual website—we grew fast and I found quickly that…

  • When you don’t know how to create an effective, automated sales funnel…
  • When you can’t properly organize, categorize, and track your customers…
  • When it becomes hard to keep all the balls in the air because your management is all manual…
  • And when you don’t really have a marketing system in place…

Your Business Can Fall Apart FAST.

One Simple Software Solution And A Little Initial Work Doubled My Business Growth Rate OVERNIGHT.

To solve my business growth, marketing management, sales, and customer relationship issues, I turned to Infusionsoft—a complete “Customer Relationship Management” system with marketing management, automated sales, and operations management capabilities built-in.

After spending a few weeks developing a complete “sales funnel” and customer experience for my clients and prospects, I was able to double the growth rate of my cleaning business almost immediately.

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  • Organize sales and service in a single system that doesn’t take a NASA engineer to maintain or a degree in computer science to set up…
  • Project future sales, manage existing customer relationships, and set up steady streams of recurring revenue that you can count on…
  • Build even the smallest cleaning startup into an organized and efficient 7-figure business…
  • And do it all while still having time for family, friends, and yourself!


Get Ready, Because I’m Giving Away The Keys To The Complete Strategy That’s Behind My 7-Figure Business.

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They Said I Was Crazy To Give Away The Secrets Behind My Successful Business…But, You Know What?
With The Automated Marketing System That I Put In Place Using Infusionsoft (The Same System I’m Going To Show You How To Use For Your Business), I Don’t Even Need To Worry About My Competitors. With A Sales Funnel This Effective, I Don’t Need To Worry About Future Growth Ever Again!

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  • In November of 2012, I decided to start using Infusionsoft. I had 50 minutes of coaching because they used my "coaching time" to build a campaign. I tried to use it with that little bit of coaching, but I never got the program up and running. In February of 2013, I decided I had to either start using it or cancel IS. So, I contacted Laura Smith w/ All Star Cleaning in Ft Collins, CO because I knew that she understood IS well and loved it. After spending 2 hrs with her and going thru the campaign she built, I now understood the concept and the tremendous value of IS.
    It was such a time saver to use her campaign and basically have it up and running with little effort. From that point forward, I have never lost another lead. Our growth increased by over 20% that year and we continue to grow. I love anything that is automatic and I love that Laura made it easy to put a fairly complex program like IS to work for my company. For me, I wouldn't have been successful with IS alone. I needed the residential cleaning specific campaign materials handed to me to get it going. Laura's campaign and coaching fills the void that non-industry specific coaches cannot.

    Martha Woodward, Dusting Divas
  • Cleaning Business Automation is a must if you own a cleaning business and want to reach success quickly. Laura is warm, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable of systems strategy, nurture marketing and closing sales. When you join her tribe there's no turning back! Highly recommend Laura & Cleaning Business Automation.

    Denisse Baker, Mess Maid Right NW
  • We had purchased Infusionsoft and set up a campaign but it did not seem to be working well. However, Laura was having great success. She evaluated our campaign and helped us revise it. The results have been amazing!

    Kathy Gage, Marvelous Maids
  • This stuff is so hard for me - I couldn't get past how BIG it seemed and how difficult it was going to be for me to figure everything out. I won't even admit to how many months I paid for the service without ever doing a thing. The truth is I'd probably be paying for YEARS without her patient focus on me and my needs because I could see the value, just could not make it happen. I'm so thankful that Laura took me under her wing and not only gave me content, but walked me step by step through every single thing until it wasn't hard and scary anymore. Instead it made my life easier and especially the lives of our office staff. No remembering to do anything, no chance of prospects falling through the cracks, just automation! I love how Laura always compares running her company to running a machine, because that really is what it feels like.

    Liz Trotter, American Maid